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Before School Care    7.00 - 9.00am  

After School Care       3.00 - 6.30pm

Vacation Care             7.00am - 6.30pm



Double Bay Out of School Hours care (DBOOSH) is a non- profit parent managed community centre located within the grounds of Double Bay Public School. The centre caters for school children aged 5-12 attending Double Bay Public School during term and for children from a range of other schools for holiday care. Providing before school care, after school care and school holiday care, the centre opens each morning at 7am and supplies breakfast and afternoon tea.


We cater for up to 30 children in the morning, 80 children in the afternoon and 50 children during vacation care. Our trained staff operate on 1:15 staff:child ratios and are guided in their practice by set policies and procedures for quality service provision.


Our service is responsive to the needs of the school community opening early in term 1 for kindergarten students (2.30pm) and on all pupil free days.


Our fees are set annually and are designed to be affordable but not compromise quality.


Our Structure

DBOOSH is a not-for-profit incorporated association. Membership is inclusive of all families registered with the centre.  Our Parent Management Committee is elected annually and consists of parent representatives. The school provides a support role with both the Principal and a teacher acting as the School Community Officer on the committee.


The objectives of DBOOSH Inc. as defined in our constitution are:-


     a)  To provide an out of school service (OSHC)  which extends the play, creative and community engagement opportunities for children in our local community in their leisure time.

     b) To collaborate with the local community and other agencies to address the varying needs and issues of the children and their families who attend the service, including children with a disability, children of different cultural, social, linguistic and economic backgrounds and those in isolated circumstances, all within a framework of social justice and reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

     c) To promote and support the provisions of the United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child, in particular Article 12 ( The child's right to express their opinion.) and Article 31 (The Child's Right to Play and Leisure opportunities).


Centre Philosophy


We believe that Out of School

Hours Care should be a fun, inspiring

and supportive environment where each individual

 feels welcome and is deserving of equal attention

 and opportunities.


At DBOOSH children are supported to engage

 freely in play experiences in a natural and creative

 way and to initiate or contribute ideas for the

centre program.


We value the role of parents in their children's

lives and parents are encouraged to be involved

 in issues that relate to them and their children

 at the centre .


Our goal is to create an atmosphere that

offers acceptance, support and an environment

 that nurtures the development and care of each

 and every child.


At DBOOSH the safety of children in our care

 is an absolute priority.


Our Program

The centre aims to provide a caring and stimulating environment for all children enrolled. We program experiences to emphasise children's play and leisure, foster learning and development and teach self-help skills and independence. Children are free to choose form one of the programmed activities or participate in free play.


The program provides activities to suit all ages and interests, both indoors and outdoors. The weekly program is displayed on the front notice board. We program a variety of art and crafts, sports, cooking, music, dramatic and cognitive activities.


DBOOSH runs a free Active After School Communities program funded by the Australian Sports Commission. Each term we organise different sport coaches from two to three days a week. The program is designed to engage children in activities and experiences they may otherwise not get the chance to participate in and to provide them and their families with links to new and exciting community programs. 


Vacation Care

DBOOSH runs a Vacation Care program for the Autumn, Winter and Spring school holiday periods. Bookings must be made and paid for in advance and programs are available from the centre. Vacation Care enrolment is separate from your regular before and after school care enrolment and we offer early bird rates to families who book before each holiday period's cut-off date.





For more information or to enrol your child please come and visit the friendly staff at the centre or contact us via phone or email.





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