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Parents and citizens' association

What is a parents and citizens' association (P&C)?

It is a school-based organisation consisting of parents and teachers created to bring the school and community into close cooperation. They have existed for over 150 years and have long been recognised by Parliament as the representative voice of parents with children in Public Schools.

What does a P&C do?

  • Plays a vital role in facilitation cooperation and a sense of community between teachers, parents and students.
  • Provides facilities and equipment for the school via fund-raising efforts.
  • Runs additional programs such as The Band and After School Activities.
  • Encourages parent participation in curriculum and other educational issues.
  • Shares information to benefit the school community.
  • Represents the school in community issues (Eg; fighting the Optus Tower, campaigning for increased pedestrian crossings around the school).

Why should I join a P&C?

Recent research has shown that the vital ingredient for student's engagement and learning is parental participation. Being involved in the education process is one of the best expressions of support you can give your child. It has the greatest impact on children's engagement with schooling and educational success. Additionally it gives the opportunity to participate in decision-making about spending funds to best assist the school/students. Get involved and be really informed about your child's education, it is rewarding and your children will benefit.